Born and raised in the northeasternmost provence of the Netherlands, in a small town named Winschoten, I never imagined myself traveling the world. But I did. My curiousity led me to the ‘big city’ Amsterdam where I lived for ten years. December 2016 I sold my appartment, quit my job and started my journey around the world in 371 days.

I want to write and take pictures to tell story’s.

May 2017 I left Amsterdam. After traveling Asia for three months I lived in Nieuw-Zeeland for half a year. Januari 6th 2018 I left Opua to sail around Cape Horn on yacht Taya. After one month at the South Pacific Ocean our startboard rudder broke for inexplicable reason and we changed course to Puerto Montt, Chili. Two weeks later we got in the middle of a severe storm. Feb 17th 2018 Alan wrote: “Made it through the storm; I saw 1 gust at 56 knots but sustained winds at 42-47 for at least 6 hours and above 40 for 10hrs.” Feb 21st we also lost our port rudder at 769 miles (1424 km) west from Valdivia. Alan decided it was the best to abandon ship and accept help from the Nanjing Express. My journey around the world and this sailing adventure are fundamentals for my book.

The end of knowing is the beginning of believing and faith,
or fear…
It’s a choice.

Favorite stories: Veilig aan boord, Almost Home?, The Fire Lookout, Oma… Elke dag is een geschenk en Gered op de Stille Oceaan.