Continue living your live to the fullest!

This week one of the many kind people I’ve met during traveling, John Gorman, send me an email. He came across some photos we took at New Orleans Jazz Festival a few years back (April 27, 2018) and he looked into my blog. ‘Quite the exciting life!’ He wrote.

His message is one I really want to share with you, because it get’s your ass off your chair and makes you work towards your goals: ‘Continue living your live to the fullest, even if it makes me jealous!’

I’ve been so busy because I really want my book to become a story people want to read. It’s a difficult job and I guess it’s not the kind of ‘living live to the fullest’ I had in mind when I started it. But everytime when I open the document on my laptop I see the words that Heinz Stücke sayd to me in the beginning of my journey: ‘Don’t and never give up.’

Living life to the fullest isn’t just traveling. I’ve been back in my hometown for two years and only traveled to the French Alps one time. For me ‘living life to the fullest’ at this moment is following lessons at the writers academy and writing my book. Unfortunatly there are no shortcuts to make dreams come true. You gotta work for it. The ‘staying home life’ has also been good. Last year I found peace in the acceptance of staying single and then unexpectedly found love. Even more surprising… He want’s to sail the world and would like me join.

I guess life gives what we need at the right time. For me a brief message: ‘Quite the exiting life!’ Even though my life doesnt seem to be exiting at the moment, and this actually frustrates me sometimes, I’m oke. I need to finish my book first and then one day, I’ll be sailing the world again.

Keep smiling, keep dreaming, stay true and never give up.

Continue living your live to the fullest, even if it makes me jealous!

John Gorman and Janneke Brouwer at New Orleans Jazz Festival on April 27, 2018

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