New Orleans, Dallas, Carlsbad Caverns and Artesia

Today I experienced the windy season of the (wild) West of Texas and the east of New Mexico. It blows me away and I think it was good to take a shower before I got in to bed. Sand and dust are flying all around.

This morning I woke up in Dallas and now I’m laying in a very comfortable bed in Artesia at the apartment of Shirin and John Mark. I just wanted to give you a short update…

In Lafayette (Georgia) I had a great time with the Gilberts :). After three nights my leather jacket and shoes were dry and it was time to go. Wednesday I arrived in New Orleans. There Bruce showed me around in the French Quarter and I went to the Jazz Festival to see the New Orleans Nightcrawlers and Sting! What an amazing artist is he. I’m the audience made friends with John and his lovely wife Sherryl. They visit the festival for years and told me it used to be 5 dollars without the metal detectors. We also saw that there was a big VIP area in front of the stage. Unfortunately we were not accepted as VIP even though I thought we are very important :).

At the river side in New Orleans is a place where they do training of different group sports (or exercises). You can join them for free! It’s just a beautiful city with so many different good live performances. We also did karaoke. 🙂 Lots of fun.

Then I went to Dallas. There I’ve had a really good Texas hamburger and saw where president J.F. Kennedy was murdered.

This morning I woke up and when I wanted to leave I saw that my case at the back of my motorcycle was loose. So I went to a AutoZone and got a free nut and some tools to borrow. I bought a bungee cord just to be sure it will not happen again. After that I went to the Carlsbad Caverns. Halfway I had almost no gasoline anymore and the only place that was providing gas was one where no store was. So I had to pay by card, which I don’t have. Luckily someone else stopped and filled my tank. They worked in the area and they didn’t wanted to have my money. I guess I was very lucky! When I arrived at the Caverns I found out that they were closed.. they still have winter opening hours so they closed at 5 and I arrived at 6. When I left there, again there was a gas station where I could just pay by card and someone stopped, filled my motorcycle and didn’t wanted to have my money.

When after that I tried to find a place to stay finally Shirin gave up her movie night with her boyfriend and decided to come home to give me food, a beer, a shower and a bed!

I’m so happy to tell everyone again that there are sooooo many nice people in this world!

Short version:

New Orleans – beautiful, musical artists, fighting for equality (black/white/rich/poor)

Dallas – city where Kennedy was shot, apparently there are a lot of career opportunities for engineers and good burgers

West Texas – windy en always fill up you motorcycle to the top!

New Mexico – same as West Texas


  1. Supercool! Mooi dat je zoveel lieve mensen tegenkomt onderweg die willen helpen!


  2. what a nice story again! Give all the friendly, helpfull people a free room and welcome at our place when they are in Holland! They are all welcome ; )

    love mom


    1. Hi mom, you’re still using my account… maybe people get confused if I respond on myself all the time 😉


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