On Board of the Nanjing Express

 Op 22 februari schreef Alan:

We’re still stunned but are doing well.

The Nanjing Express is a bulk carrier that sails between China and Puerto Carroll which is the ships terminal next to Valdivia. It’s a Honk Kong flagged ship but has a crew and Master from mainland China. You might be able to see it on the AIS: we’re about 600nm due West of Chile. We both have nice officers’ cabins with a desk a sofa and and a private head and shower! We’ve had our first meal on board, Chinese style of course. The ship is actually sailing slower than I thought and we’ll be in Valdivia only on the 25th. We’ll arrive the 24th but will need to spend time at anchor waiting for the next high tide on the 25th to actually dock. The 26th is Monday so I hope we can clear customs by then. I think Janneke would like to fly back to the US with me although she might have an opportunity to stay in Chile with relatives of a friend of hers. But I think that she would be pleased to come and stay with us for a while since her final destination was going to be the US anyway (before getting back to Holland). I think we should be able to fly back to the US by the 27 or 28th. But I am not entirely sure yet. I’ll try and find out. Maybe you could see if you can even purchase tickets from home, otherwise I’ll have to do this once we get to Chile.

I am using the laptop that I was using on Taya with the Iridium that I took; so we can communicate.