Wat jammer!

21 februari 22.49  email ontvangen van Catherine, de vrouw van Alan:

Hello Janneke, Alan has made a decision:

Wednesday late afternoon

I ecided to abandon Taya for several reasons;

  1. there are no other vessels in the coming days that could come to our assinstance and although the steering works in the current conditions we have frontal systems coming up with gust to 45kts
  2. I am responsible for Janneke’s life and allthough she was more than willing to go on, the risk of goiing on is significant although not insurmountable
  3. friends and family will not have to worry for 2 or 3 weeks about our safety
  4. the rescue center has deemed it important to divert a ship to come to our assistance; they know their job and their assessment is of extreme importance
  5. from a financial standpoint although a great loss, if I factor in the actuel value of the boat, the cost of needed repairs and the trip home the loss is bearable

I hate the decision with all my heart but I think that it is the prudent one. Nanjing is headed for Valdivia and will probably be there in 3 days (it’s a guess)

I love you. I do not like myself for having let down Taya but so be it.



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