les then 800 miles to go…

20 februari

Today, Tuesday 20th of February, is day 47 at sea. We probably have about a week to go before we arrive at Valdivia in Chile. It started with a dream of one man who read about sailing when he was just a boy and couldn’t get enough of it. And me… On my way to learn and share new experiences and writing my book.

We shared our lives on a small boat. Spend 24 hours a day together with no chance of going out for a walk since it’s been cold, wet and grey most of the time. As Alan said today….”It has been a risk for both of us.” What if one of us goes crazy? What if someone freaks out? What if? Luckily we’re both a bit crazy, can talk for hours and only now, after 47 days we start telling each other stories that we’ve already told. If you think about it… it’s a bit weird to share these experiences together and after this go on with our lives. I’m very thankful and happy that everything turned out to be a great experience and I learned a lot.

After this I will be alone and actually I’m not sure what to think about that. I love to travel but it’s maybe a bit more fun to share these experiences with people that you love. That’s why I was thinking to go back to The Netherlands after this. But after a pro-con list and some help of Alan it didn’t seem logical to leave America before first taking my shot at seeing it. Now I still have the time, I’m free and it’s still cold back in that cute small country of mine. I decided to stay in Chile for a couple weeks and probably after that go to North-America. But for this I could use some help. If you have ideas, information or contacts I would love to here about them! I’ve just got some contacts for Chile for when I arrive there but maybe there are more ideas for March, April and May?

Today is another bumpy sea. We have 30 kn winds with high swells, listening to some jazz and once in a while catching stuff that’s flying around. After 47 days it’s almost a habit and it goes very smooth. Holding on to our tea / coffee cups, catching, diving away, clean spills, cooking while training our core etc. etc. The wind and waves will soon get less and tomorrow a big high is coming to give us calm, silent and hopefully sunny days and clear nights. Who knows… Maybe I’ll take a shower outside!

Time flies when you’re having fun. Actually I like to go on with my journey around the world, but at the same time it feels weird that it this passage ‘soon’ comes to and end. Yesterday evening I’ve been outside when the sun was going down but still warm enough to warm the back of my dark-blue sweater. I was staring at the sea and realized we became friends. Mostly working together very well but sometimes we had to take a step back or work a little harder to make it work for both of us. I had two tears when I realized I have to miss her soon. She was my comfort before but now I started to love and respect her more and more.

Love Janneke