Good morning! We had a good sleep!

16 februari 13.59 uur

Not long after my mail yesterday we rolled the staysail. The wind is blowing strong now (highest 37,5 knots) from the North-West and the swells are from the West so we are dancing with those two. Feels like a roller-coaster ride. Lots of fun. I had a good rest and was dreaming about jumping on trampolines. Alan can see the waves coming from a small waterproofed window at the aft of the boat. He’s trying to say hi to the fishes and squids. Maybe we’ll have a nice dinner today? The storm will be strongest between 12:00 and 18:00 hour (we are at -6 UTC Chicago time). Its fascinating to see how strong nature can be. As I said before… Taya is like a tank on water. Even with just one rudder she’s making us feel safe. And I’m happy with the drogue, Alan did a great job yesterday getting this thing in the water yesterday. He’s a smart man who thinks about, and prepares for, everything. And that counts for both storms; on sea and on land. I couldn’t have a better boat and skipper and I’m thankful for that.

I’m going to make some breakfast now… haha lol. Hmmmmmm how many spills would we have today? Alan sings: no spills today, my love has gone away…

We’ll keep you updated.

Time: 6:45 am
Position: 40.43′ S – 98.04′ W
COG: 130
SOG: between 1.7 – 5.9 kn
TWS: 35 kn