2000 miles left to Cap Horn!

5 februari….

Yesterday we really had to start puzzling with the weather forecast to find a good route for this week. It’s a challenge, it’s irritant (this is actually a French word but we use it also in the Netherlands), annoying and hopefully things will change in our favor. We decided yesterday to make as much miles as we could and hope our new weather files will look better today. Can’t wait to see it.

It’s Monday, the 4th week of sailing and we are both not going totally crazy. Two or three times a day we have to adjust the sails, a couple times more we adjust our course and those are the only times that we really gear up and go out. The rest of the day we try to keep our door open for ventilation but that’s sometimes not a smart idea when the swells start smashing on our lovely strong Taya. But because of the water getting inside, we probably did some more cleaning this last week and that’s not a bad thing. Especially Alan likes to use this argument to change a wet floor into a cleaning opportunity. I love his optimism again and again. It’s cold (15 degrees inside and 12.8 outside), wet (95% humidity inside), grey (100% cloud coverage) and it doesn’t matter how many woolen socks I wear, my feet are still getting cold.

Good news! Alan just woke up and told me the new weather file looks a little better. 🙂

I decided I’m going to wash myself today and find some clean clothes. Maybe some of you know the feeling when you went camping and there was no shower. The only possibility is boiling water and wash yourself outside when its 15 degrees. A big challenge but necessary.

In our conversations about making the world a better place we came up with the following solutions: We should tax oil so that there’s less production of plastic (packaging) and less transportation. So that farmers start going to bring there food to the traditional local markets where people take there own bag and buy what they need from people that they know. Manufacturers would have to develop new, better products of better materials with higher quality and people would probably buy less things that they actually don’t need and products that last a lifetime instead of buying things that last maybe two years and end up non-recyclable at the trash. I’m a fan of taxing the source in stead of taxing the end user; for example taxing trash. We also support the idea of Jesse Klaver to tax meat per kilo and use the money to support farmers in making meat of better quality. Again just some fun talk. Probably these ideas all already out there and probably the oil companies and manufacturers will do everything to keep politicians of doing this but if we all start with small actions we can help pushing them in the right direction. Start buying from local farmers and local markets. Start buying things in large amounts and less packaging or take your own packaging and leave the plastic at the supermarket trash bin. Stop buying plastic or other products made out of oil (which is a lot, I’m sorry). Buy recycled or second hand products and fix broken things instead of buying new. Oh yeah and my idea was that if no one would buy from or work for the rich people (or companies) that have far too much money (and are still greedy and mostly doing bad for the environment), then they can’t sell and would get less rich and if we then buy local we support our won community. Just imagine… It would be fun if no one would work for Trump anymore… Then the cleaner could ask a salary of a couple million to clean his house. We just have to work together a bit more to make the world a better place.

My math lessons are fun and very helpful and the book “No is not enough” is really good. I really think it’s very special that Alan and I can get along so good. This team could not be better. As I said before… it sometimes feels like all the pieces of the puzzle fall in place.

We had a jammed halyard (which is connected to our main sail!) when we wanted to take a reef and finally when we both pulled together at the same time, it suddenly got free and we both felt on our ass. After all this work I actually wanted to stay lying down on deck but Alan pulled me up. Alan was very happy that he didn’t had to go up to the top of the mast to release it. With swells of 4 meter and strong winds of 25 knots no one wants to do that!

I made another drawing. This time the albatross that I named Albert. Once in a while he passes by to say hello. He’s beautiful.

I’m making a summery of Exodus and still don’t really understand it. For example that Hebrew male slaves are to be set free after 6 years but not woman. And men just take woman as their wife, no questions asked. But one thing that I liked is that if you fight with someone and he gets wounded, you have to take care of him until fully recovered.

Last Friday night I could use the sat phone to make a phone call. I chose to call my dear Grandmother, oma Brouwer, when my mum was there at Saturday morning 10:00 to do her hair. Oma was totally amazed by the fact that her voice was actually going into space to end up in the middle of the South Pacific. Thank you Alan! We will never forget this phone call.

My ideas about living and working changed a little bit. Maybe I would like to think about living in a small community with a shared garden and grow own vegetables. Anyone interested?

So… 2000 miles to Cape Horn. It will get colder and colder and colder…

Now it’s time to do some dancing and yoga to warm up.

Liefs en kusjes

red.sr: en ik maar denken; hoe krijgt die lieverd haar voeten warm…..
Nog steeds vind Janneke de reacties prachtig die sommigen van jullie stuurden naar kleurjed@gmail.com , ik stuur ze aan haar door. Dus… welkom meer berichten. Ook als je dit leest en haar minder goed kent. Stuur een leuk verhaal of iets liefs.