A little seasick while trying to get south

16 januari 2018:
There are some big fuckers out there
But none of them can tickle Taya 🙂

It’s another sunny day. The waves and swells from the south are about 2,5m and moving the boat a lot. Yesterday I couldn’t keep my food in but today is a better day with eating Lu crackers, cheese and appelstroop. We might go to the next time zone by the end of the day. 1 more degree… we’re now at 166 and when we cross S 165 we enter HST Hawai Standard Time -10. We finally go a little more south and we hope to be able to get more south by Wednesday. It all depends on the motion of the high pressure system that is south of us. If that moves more to the east we can use the winds to go south. Hopefully it does what it supposed to do!

When I don’t feel to good because of the motion of the boat, I listen to Bob Iver and enjoy my bed and pillows. I watched another movie ‘ Be Kind Rewind’. Very funny :). Made my day. And every time I look forward reading all the messages. Alan takes good care of me and made a soup yesterday. He also likes appelstroop since he tried it today. Oh and we decided to have eastern yesterday with a kinder surprise. We had a Cars toy in it and had a small race with our cars. Of course his yellow one (nr 51) was much faster then my grey one (nr 22). (Speciaal voor de kids om dit uit te vogelen.)

Alan said today that it’s so nice that I am proud of my country. And I realize I am a very lucky person to be born and raised in The Netherlands. It’s mostly in the top 5 of happiest countries in the world. Since I travel I thought about finding the best country in the world to live. But the combination of my family in one of the best countries is actually perfect. What more do I want? Even though the weather in New Zealand is much better to grow your own vegetables and maybe The Netherlands has a small problem with being 50% below sea-level, there are so many good things. We hebben het zo slecht nog niet ;). Yes, I’m proud and happy to be Dutch. And hopefully Alan can be proud again, one day soon, on his country.

One last boat flop (failure)…. I forgot to tell you guys this earlier. A kitchen scale doesn’t work on a boat that moves. It’s impossible to weight food. Just keep measuring with cups or ml.

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  1. Hi Janneke,

    Hope you are ok! Respect for your journey on the sea. All best wishes for you and Alan.

    Many greetings

    Klaus (From Wertheim)

    Von meinem Smartphone gesendet.



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