‘Best Before’ After Cape Horn

As most people know I decided to join Alan to go around Cape Horn in his 12 meter yacht named Taya. In my last blog I wrote about the roller-coaster of emotions that didn’t really help me making a final decision. But after I decided not to go, I knew I had to change my mind about this. So after Alan his lovely wife Catherine left New Zealand to go back home I packed my bags and moved to my cabin at the boat. Since then it is mostly organizing the boat, planning and buying food, books, clothes, survival suits and of course we got some accessories for the go pro. I’m still thinking about getting a 360-degree camera. Maybe Nikon or Samsung can sponsor one 🙂 ?

Food is one of the biggest challenges. We need enough good food with ‘best before’ dates until after Cape Horn.  In our first plan we just calculated all the rice, pasta, potatoes, quinoa, nuts, wraps, bread, oats and cruesli (granola). The trip will take about 45 to 60 days so we calculate everything for 8 weeks and add a little on top of that, just to be safe. In one week we plan to eat: 1 x spaghetti, 1 x linguine, 1 x sweet potatoes, 1 x potatoes, 1 x couscous, 1 x quinoa, 1 x rice. For breakfast and lunch we plan to eat: 1 x granola, 2 x wraps, 4 x oats, 4 x crackers, 1 x tortellini and 2 x bread.

Here is our list:
– 1,2 kg quinoa (50 gr per serving = 24 servings / 2 = 12 servings per person)
– 1,2 kg rice (actually we have 5 kg rice because Alan wants to be sure we get enough)
– 1,5 kg couscous (60 gr per serving)
– 1,8 kg oats (75 gr per serving)
– 2,4 kg spaghetti (100 gr per serving = 24 servings / 2 = 12 servings per person)
– 2,4 kg linguine
– 2,4 kg wraps
– 2,4 kg tortellini
– 6 kg patatoes
– 6 kg sweet papatoes
– 12 packages of crackers and 2 packages of beschuit 😉 (4 crackers per serving)
– 12 kg flour (480 gr per bread = 12,5 breads per person)

Now we are trying to make sure we have enough veggies, (dried) fruit, canned food, nut-bars, protein-bars, chocolate, sauces, soups, yogurt, milk and eggs to make sure we will end up on 40% carbs, 30% fat and 30% protein. Alan has to get used to the fact that we are actually measuring the food but luckily he already recognized that it actually works quite good. Last Saturday I bought a lot of the food and that was quite a challenge too. The day before Christmas… I think I don’t have to explain myself here. The most fun part of it was the moment that I just filled up my cart with 10 6-packs of beer and all the guys started to look at me. After that I grabbed 16 bars of fair-trade chocolate and that made some woman look envious.


Last Sunday I took out all the food cans and wrote down exactly what we have. We are trying to find out what the most delicious food is with the right ‘best before’ dates that we can eat until after Cape Horn. Of course the fresh food would last for 2 to 4 weeks and then we have to switch to canned veggies, bolognese sauce, beans and dried fruit. So while Alan is getting the wind generator ready I’m making 18 pictures of Blue zone recipes that have a lot of beans in them. Hopefully we have enough to keep our food creative, delicious and fun. The kind Kiwi’s already brought us about 50 avocado’s so we don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Enough about buying food. Now we talk about eating food. Yesterday it was Christmas. On Christmas eve we had dinner with some friends of Alan and new friends from the marina in Opua where we stay. A lot of food, nice wines and I laughed so hard when Alan made an aboriginal noise in an orange cone that I got the hiccups. On Christmas day I was invited to join some new friends for a Christmas lunch in Russell. It was the best food I ever had on a Christmas day. A very big thanks to the chefs! Christmas is after all about eating good food with people you like. After this we went to the beach, had a swim and played some guitar. Not my first Christmas on the beach but my first Christmas on the beach when it’s actually warm enough to swim. Even though this day could make me miss my family, I actually had a perfect day with a lot of fun, craziness, love and happiness. Again easy to see that friends are all over the world. Just open your eyes and look into someone else’s.

Christmas is all about making someones world a better place. Hopefully you found someones world and made it better. 🙂

Oh yeah…. and I went sky- and scuba diving. My friend told me that the one place in the world where you should go skydiving is New Zealand. And it was really great!!! From 17000 ft high I jumped out of the airplane and had so much fun ‘flying’ like superman trough the air. And when the parachute opened I enjoyed the amazing view of the Bay of Islands. The scuba-diving was as a preparation for if something gets stuck under the boat and Alan has to go into the water. Then I can explain him how to use the BCD and diving computer. Because we bought all the gear at Paihia Dive they offered us a nice deal for a deep dive training. Thanks guys!

Our professional meteorologist Met Bob advised us to leave the 1st or the 2nd of January. That gives us a couple of days to practice here in the Bay Of Islands and buy the fresh food. To follow our position you can go to http://snap.ocens.com/ where you fill in the name of our boat ‘Taya’.


  1. Dag Janneke, mooi om te zien hoe jij je droom najaagd. Beperkingen zitten tussen je oren. Jij weet dat dus.


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