Auckland (Maori: Tāmaki-makau-rau)



This afternoon I went up the highest vulcano of Aucklands North Shore. The view is amazing (day or night) and you can drive all the way to the top. It’s my fourth time in Auckland. The 31st of August we arrived here and took a bus the 1st of september towards Kawakawa. In Kawakawa I stay with my new friend Jen, her Maori husband Warren and their almost 5 years old son Jaykob. They will go to Holland for Sinterklaas and Christmas so I can do some house-sitting during that time and we are practicing Ducth with Jaykob. Since I’m there I bought a car, found a job that I love, bought running shoes and started with workouts. I have such an amazing time!

The second time I was in Auckland was the night of the rugby game we saw from the Allblacks against South Africa. It was a goosebumps moment when they did the haka and they got the highest score ever in their own country! Most of our family and friends know that Kevin and I had more differences then we thought and decided to go our own way. After the rugby game Kevin left with his pushbike (the New zealand word for bicycle) and went off to a farm.

The third time I went here to see some Kyokushin Karate fights. Jen is coach of Justin and he had to fight last saturday. Unfortunatly he lost but it was very interesting to see. It makes you feel like you want to fight and at the same time you bite your teeth because it looks so painfull. At the highest level they actually fight without any protection on their hand and legs. To get used to the pain they sometimes even let someone hit them with a baseball bat. No pain, no gain, they say right? The evening before I had an unforgettable dinner at restaurant Daruma Sushi Go Around and after this my favorite icecream at Ben & Jerry’s! I had a great weekend that I topped off with a visit at Tony and Guy to treat myself with highlights (and a head massage and a glass of wine, oh and another glass of wine…. I love this barber Patrick Willem Knol!).

Now I’m back to meet some new friends who really make me feel like home and are welcoming me into their house. I keep on being amazed how many nice and good people there are around the world. With all the crazy, bad things that are happening in the world it can make you feel sad. But we can’t let fear get in to the way of all the good things. Keep believing in the good and you will see that good is all around us… everywhere.

A special thanks to Jen, Warren and Jaykob, the Alfresco’s team, family Heihei and my barber Patrick 🙂


  1. Mooi Jan! Wát een mooie omgeving daar! Écht heerlijk om die bergen te zien 🙂 en het is fijn om te lezen dat je zulke lieve mensen om je hen hebt. Dat je geniet en jezelf even verwend hebt! Good for you!
    Leuk om weer een verhaaltje te lezen. Pas goed op jezelf en ja, geniet!
    Dikke kus, Tineke

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