Gili Meno 

It is dark and I’m lying in my hammock. In the background I hear the music from Gili T. It sounds like Mallorca. The day we arrived at Gili T we found out that we booked the bungalow for September in stead of August. Luckily the hotel gave us a full refund, even though we had booked without cancelation possibility. After this we decided to go to Gili Meno and it was the best decision ever. I would go crazy if we would have stayed in the bungalow next to all the parties.

We had a busy week. When we arrived we first had to make sure we had a place to sleep. The manager of the Eco Hostel gave us the possibility to hang our hammock under one of the tree houses. The perfect way to use the hammocks and our new muscito net that we bought for a very good price at the Ticket to the Moon store in Kuta Bali. We extended our stay from 4 to 8 nights because it was the perfect place to relaxe and have fun. We met some great new friends with whom we played a funny drinking game named Picolo that was hosted by the American guy Moe and the German girl Anke made a treasure hunt around the island for us. I still have to laugh when I think back at the moment that we were all dancing around like crazy people dressed up as King, Queen, woonded Knight or servant. Truly amazing people at the Eco Hostel!

At Gili Meno Kevin and I took an old fashioned bamboo tattoo. Kevin secretly wanted to have a tattoo for a long time and finally made the decision to just do it! The time is now. 🙂 I was very proud of him because I know it was a big step towards doing what he wants, eventhough some people might not like it. The arrow tattoo that he has on his left arm helps him to find his own way, gives direction and helps focussing on his goals. The two crossing arrows stand for friendship.
My butterfly tattoo was something that I wanted since last year. I’ve always felt a connection to eagles and butterflies. Maybe because my grandmother also loved butterflies and they had a butterfly bush (vlinderstruik klinkt toch mooier) in their garden. My father had a CD with a song ‘Butterfly Kissis’. There’s one sentence in the song: ‘With all the things that I’ve done wrong, I must have done something right to deserve a hug every morning and buterfly kissis at night.” The butterfly on my arm reminds my parents and myself that we still deserve a hug in the morning and butterfly kissis at night.

On Gili Meno we received the work and travel visa for New Zealand and we booked our tickets for the end of August. As I wrote before… we would be happy to stay somewhere a little longer and work. Always being a ‘tourist’ and traveler is not easy. The last days we went diving, snorkeling and saw turtles and a lot of beautifull fish. We enjoyed the last days of sun and started to look foreward to some cold weather.


  1. Lieve Janneke en Kevin,

    Vroeg in de ochtend lees ik dit mooie verhaal….. Nog niet helemaal wakker…. Wat mooie, ontroerende dingen…
    Ik ga nog even weer mijn bed in… Met een hug…. Ik voel em…..verheug me op de butterfly kisses…. En blijf toch mijmeren over de vraag…. What did she wrong?……… As mother I don’t remember what My kids did wrong…… But remember the hugs and butterfly kisses……..
    Don’t thinking about what you idd wrong…. Take the lesson….. And go….. Forward……

    Hou van jullie……. Sssssss


    1. Everyone makes mistakes. I pooped on your table and cut in a brand new jeans that you bought for me. 😉 hihihi. You always get my butterfly kissis 🙂 Hopefully today a butterfly will do it for me. hugs and kissis


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