Elegant, clean, organized, western, hyper modern, futuristic, comfortable, expensive (beer), Asian Las Vegas, light shows, live music, salsa dancing, electric steps, runners, perfect parks and botanic gardens, old fort Canning and winning 200 dollar to spend in a mall!

A couple of days before her 52nd birthday we arrived in Singapore. The most futuristic city in the world. The combination of clean, modern designed buildings and gardens and the electric steps or boards that people like to use for transportation makes you feel like you are living in the future. Especially when you compare it to the other Asian countries.

We walked a big part of the city and used the metro, which was also very safe, clean and affordable. The first place we visited was Fort Canning Park. An old historical fort in a beautiful park. Singapore provides a lot of signs in the park to explain you everything about the fort and all the trees and plants which you can find next to the path.

After this we walked through the Istana park to the Orchard road. The most important shopping street of Singapore. Here we found so many shopping malls that we almost started to buy things that we didn’t needed. In the Lucky mall we visited our new friend Eric. He works at one for the Taka Juwelerys and after he cleaned Janneke’s bracelet he took us out for a really good coffee and a delicious lunch.

When we walked back on the Orchard road towards the big wheel, Singapore Flyer, we passed by Swissotel the Stamford and took the elevator to the 70 floor to enjoy an amazing view over the city. When we saw the prices for a drink we decided not to stay but the staff was still very kind to us and we could make some nice pictures. Probably they knew since we walked in to the restaurant that we wouldn’t stay.

There was a light show around 20:00 h. at the Marina bay. Every evening they practiced for their national birthday. This year they celebrate their 52 years of independence. It made the marina Bay, where we also stayed in the Port hostel, which vent more special.

We took the bridge to the Gardens by the bay. The famous park with the supertree grove. Everything here is so perfect and clean, it gives you the feeling that you are part of a movie about a very wealthy kingdom as you can see in the movie Going to America. And then you can add some futuristic lights and people on electric steps.

When you walk under the supertrees you feel like you are in the movie Avatar. Really amazing. I think you should just go there to experience this.

We found out that the flight tickets were cheaper on Tuesday and we could stay at Jasmine’s place, an old friend of Kevin. She works in Singapore since a couple of months and was so kind to give us her sleeping couch. We went with her and her friends to the botanic garden to have lunch and on Sunday we planned a barbecue on the rooftop of her fiends place. Unfortunately it began to rain that evening but we still had a great dinner. Thanks again!


  • All tap water is drinkable! You don’t have to buy bottled water.
  • The metro is affordable, about 1,60 to 1,90 Singapore dollar to get everywhere.
  • Buy food and beer at the fair price supermarket, a difference of 2 dollar or 13 dollar for a beer if you drink in a bar.
  • Go to the Esplanade outdoor theater, get food from the food court nearby and take your own drinks from the supermarket. Sit at the waterside and enjoy your dinner with an amazing view.
  • Second nice affordable food court is satay by the bay. Here you can also take your food and sit somewhere in the garden in stead of sitting in the bright lights of the food court itself. If you take a blanket you can make it a picknick.


  1. Dear Kevin and Janneke,
    What a nice story again!
    It is so good to read your experianceses.
    I hope Kevin makers a nice film of some places and views.
    Enjoy your trip, and the people you meet. Or must be greatfull.

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  2. Hey Kevin and Janneke,

    very sweet article. Now I can’t wait to get to Singapore and Malaysia but I have to wait for 2 more weeks ):
    Tanks for the good tips, especially for getting some good and affordable food.

    Enjoy your time!

    Best wishes emi


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