Melaka – UNESCO World Heritage Site

This beginning is such a surprise….. we hitchhiked 😉 from Broga to Seremban. After finishing the terrace for Liang he dropped us off at Semenyih. This was first a little bit confusing because we were not sure which way would be more logical but finally, with some help, we found a nice spot. The police officer who took us (no we didn’t do anything wrong) said it’s very cheap and much easier to take the bus to Melaka. He insisted on helping us to get to the bus and drove us to the bus terminal in Seremban. There he also helped us to buy a cheap ticket for the local bus. The tickets were 7 MYR each. After this we said thank you and goodbye to the kind police officer. We still had 15 minutes and Kevin saw a Dunkin Donuts… I think you can guess what happened.

In Melaka we stepped out of the bus at the Dutch square :). This is a square with lots of red buldings and a famous Christ Church. The first thing we did here is making a picture with a windmill. This felt like home, just without the wooden shoes or cheese. We learned that this beautifull historical city is so special because it has been captured by the Portugese, Dutch and Brittisch. The Portugese captured Melaka in 1511 and built a fort called A Famosa. When the Dutch East India Company (VOC) had overtaken Melaka (1641-1795), they expanded the city fort and built a great amount of infrastucture. So that’s why they build this beautifull windmill at the riverside 😉

We had to find a wifi spot to tell our new friend Alanneh that we arrived. He wrote us in the morning to meet him at the Jonker Walk so we bought a Cendol – which is a traditional ice cream with red beans and green jelly – and used the wifi to contact our host. Apparently on friday, saterday and sunday it’s not possible to drive through the street where the jonker walk is, because it’s totally full with the night market so we had to walk to Casa del Rio.

Alanneh drove us to his photostudio where we would stay the rest of the week. He invited us to paint his studio and in exchange of this we had a place to sleep and food. He showed us so many different local food places and took us for the best cendol and coconut shake in town. The funny thing about this was that we never knew exactly what we would get. He mostly just ordered anything and we always liked it. We met up with his friends in the eveing for drinks and in this way could really experience the life of a Malay in Melaka. At one point he asked us if we wanted to do a photoshoot with him. He had a concept to build the story of western couples and the oriental cultural wedding. Of course we were exited to do this and had two days of modeling work. Kevin is thinking about a career change now ;).

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At wednesday we visited the cinema to see the movie Dinkirk. We both couldn’t remember the last time we went to a cinema but because we didn’t take our beamer or tv it was really nice to see something on a big screen again. In Melaka they have a promotion that you just pay 8 RM for the cinema on wednesday.

We walked at the side of the Melaka river and biked through the old part of the city with tipical old Malay houses. In the weekend we visited the Jonker Walk and at the last tuesday Alanneh and his wife took us to a local market where we got a burger for just 2,50 rm! Lots of delicious food for a very good price.