Life forest Broga

After our two crazy days in Kuala Lumpur we went to Life Forest Broga. This is a ecological, or actually natural farm where Liang is building his perfect place for the future. He’s following a philosophy in which people are spending 50% or their time farming and 50% X. The X could be anything but tributes to society. Liang is has a background in IT and has a lot of experience in giving software training so his X is in IT. In the morning he’s working from his home and everyday at 12 o’clock  he drives to his farm where he uses a natural way of farming and gives workshops to ‘city people’.

Our first day was a lot of talking about his way of living and how he became a natural farmer. Then we saw his beautiful place in the middle of the jungle. His house was built on his own from mostly natural building materials. The furniture was made out of clay, simple but really creative wood constructions out of recycled materials. In front of his house he build a awesome bamboo porch. It had a beautiful view, perfekt for relaxing during the day and even more perfekt for people who enjoy outside camping in the jungle. We and the other two volunteers got woke up in the morning by the dogs running arround with the first sunbeams and the typical jungle noises and tried to use the colder morning hours for some farm work.

He showed us how to make a lasagne. No, not the food… It’s a natural way of preparing the ground befor the seeds before they are planted. We had to put a layer of dried grass on the soil, then a layer of fresh banana leaves, then again some dried grass and again fresh banana leaves. When we had about four or five layers we put a layer of soil on top and covered everything with dried grass as a sun protection in this extreme clima conditions. Probably they will use it for their next workshop to plant soya beans.

The next day’s we spend with some different projects. Kevin cut a tree, we made a terras and played with some mud in the rice fields. Everyday we worked for about 5 hours and Liang brought us delicious food. On top of the free stay and food we could enjoy some fresh baked bread from his wife and roasted our own coffee beans together with his friend Guan. It was like happiness in a drawer. The best coffee we ever had!

Broga itself is a small place, originally a Chinese village. The only ‘to do’ things in the area are a Chinese temple with a monkey god, Broga hill and eating fresh fish at one of the fish farms.

Our week went so fast. We worked hard and were happy with this beautiful place to stay. Liang, his family and don’t forget Guan, are very friendly and showed us again that everywhere in the world are friends. You just haven’t met them yet. 😉

The decission was hard but we finally decided to leave this beautiful place after more than 1 week to go for new adventures. Next stop: Melakka!


  1. What a great experiance!
    You both will feel a lot of connectian with his way of living!
    It’s so nice to read the stories of you, knowing that you both enjoy your worldtrip.
    Love from us…. Looking forward to the next story. ; )

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