Hat Yai 

Our last ‘stop’ in Thailand was the business city Hat Yai. We were staying there at The aree hat yai hostel for one night and got lots of information from the guy who was working there. Not only about this great city but also how to travel to Malaysia and what/where to go next. 

In Hat Yai we walked to the night Market. There Kevin got followed an interviewed by some teanagers. When we left we recognize that really no one walkes. Even when they just have to go to a place 50 meter further, they always take their scooter or car. Not only bad for the environment, but also unhealthy. Anyway… We followed the advise of a guy to go to a nice bar. Unfortunately it was closed and we ended up buying a beer from a 7 eleven. 

Probably because it’s closer to Malaysia they could already speak much better English. And we saw more expensive and European cars. This city offers much more than the night market but we left the next day to go to Penang Georgetown.

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About Kevin Lutz

Since I started my first backpacking trip I had the feeling I want to have much more time to experience new countries in the world. In my job I travelled a lot but I never had enough time to explore the places where I've been. The wish of quitting the job and just go and travel without thinking about tomorrow was always present in my head. I never had specific plans about this until I met Janneke. She supported me to clear my head and helped me finally to decide to find my own way.

3 thoughts on “Hat Yai 

  1. Hi Janneken and Kevin!

    Nice to read your good storys!
    Keep going and explore the world! 🙂

    Kind regards from Fischers 😉

    P.S. We are actually in Norway (Hardangervidda)


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