Ko Sriboya 

After a night on the night boat we left the boat around 7 am. We walked to the bus terminal in the city and took one of the loca big busses without airco to Krabi for just 150 bath. Also here lots of people will ask you ‘Where you go?’,  and offer you an organized trip with a minivan with airco. Janneke just started asking back… Where do you go? 

The bus ride was hot. As we said we took the one without airco and it was a very hot day. We missed the last official bus stop and the bus driver brought us to a bus parking spot twoo streets further. Because we didn’t discuss what to do next we decided to go to a restaurant with wifi. There we decided to go to Ko Sriboya. 

Ko Sriboya is a small island in between Krabi and Ko Lanta. Most people are moslim and because it was Ramadan and low season we were the only tourists on the island. When we walked maybe 5 minutes with our backpack there was a lady who sayd we had to jump on the scooter. She brought us to the bungalows. A nice service we thought. But later they wanted to charge this even though we sayd we could walk. We couldn’t find food anywhere during the day, just at our own hotel. Oh, and they also had beer 😉 It was the only place on the whole island who offered alcoholic drinks. We stayed two nights, hired a scooter and drove slowly around the whole island in 2 hours. As we want to try as much different things as possible we searched during our ride for sone local food. Sounds easy, but during ramadan on an islamic island in the low season it was a big challence to find any food. Not even the few small local restaurants served anything during the day.  Suddenly we saw a girl in the village who made very nice sugar pancakes. We jumped to her with big eyes and an empty stomache and enjoyed maybe the best food on the whole island. The view from our bungalow was great, Kevin found again a coconut to open with his knife and we saw lots of rubber trees. On this island we were the attraction. There was really nothing to do.

From Ko Sriboya we wanted to go south by boat but there was just one boat, the one that took us there. So we had to go back to were we came from. We walked half an hour to the boat and took again a minivan to Nuea Khlong. And there we decided to go hitchhiking. Very fast a car stopped. A couple from Phuket brought us totally south to the business city Hat Yai!

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