Arrival in Bangkok

After the 14 hour flight we arrived at our first destination Bangkok. The best place to start when you travel the world. You can find cheap flights, the city offers you unlimited possibilities and travelling is made easy for every backpacker.


Stepping out of the airport tired, we took a taxi and got tricked directly. The taxi driver turned off his meter and asked for a much more higher price. After a hard negotiation we still had to pay far too much for our ride. Nice lesson for the beginning 😉 This will not happen again.

We stepped out of the taxi in a heavy rain and walked through flooded streets where big rats came out of the drane. Unless the rain we were very happy that we could finally test our new rainjacket.

On top of this, Janneke cut herself on day 1 with her razor. The skin was hanging between the knives and it looked like she peeled a potato. When she stood there bleeding like a pig Kevin suddenly jumped away and came back with the camera. He remembered what the cycling legend Heinz Stücke told him:

“Leute wollen Bilder von Unfällen sehen. Das erinnert sie daran, dass es anderen noch schlechter geht als ihnen selbst.”

DSCF5152     DSCF5149

The first days we spend at Flapping Duck, a relaxed and cheap hostel run by a reggae Thai, not far from Khoa San Road. The perfect place for us to start our travellers life without caring about time, appointments, tomorrow. The time is now.

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How to save money in Bangkok:

  • Take the bus instead of a taxi or tuktuk. The local busses are for free! Bus 53 takes you everywhere and there’s mostly a bus manager who tells you where you ‘should’ step out because they recognize you’re not a local.
  • Buy train tickets on the train station. We bought a ticket 3nd class for 270 bath to Chumphon, if you buy this online the prices could be higher.
  • Refill your water bottle in the refill machines at the side of the streets for 1 Bath instead of buying new bottles. This safes not just money, it’s also good for the environment.
  • Just walk into hotels with a rooftop swimmingpool to enjoy refreshing dive instead of staying there over night.


Most impressive:

The refuse collectors were not just picking up the trash and threw it into the garbage car. They separated the trash right on the street before throwing it in the car … and where still smiling 🙂


And of course the bottle flip! Also in Bangkok 😉



  1. Hi Kevin, Hi Jannecke
    Schön zu sehen das ihr gut in Thailand angekommen seid und es euch gut geht. Euer Abenteuer kann beginnen. Passt gut auf euch auf…Liebe Grüße Birgit (die Nachbarin 🙂 )


  2. Janneke and Kevin, Thanks for the first update. I am happy to see you are enjoying, despite of a few small accidents, the first days of the big holiday. Take care!!! Xxx Lotte


  3. Lieve Janneke en Kevin,
    Es ist montagmorgen…. My German en English is not updated yet. So…. Ich mach er maar wat van.
    Schon om von you zu lezen. Spass is the thema of your holidays. Das ist zichtbaar. Reizen and see other countrys, changes dein leben. Au! Janneke! Stom mesje! Haha ik herken de reactie van jou Kevin. ; )
    Geniet! Beleef! Have fun! Liefs van ons x x x


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