Ko Sriboya 

After a night on the night boat we left the boat around 7 am. We walked to the bus terminal in the city and took one of the loca big busses without airco to Krabi for just 150 bath. Also here lots of people will ask you ‘Where you go?’,  and offer you an organized trip with a minivan with airco. Janneke just started asking back… Where do you go? 

The bus ride was hot. As we said we took the one without airco and it was a very hot day. We missed the last official bus stop and the bus driver brought us to a bus parking spot twoo streets further. Because we didn’t discuss what to do next we decided to go to a restaurant with wifi. There we decided to go to Ko Sriboya. 

Ko Sriboya is a small island in between Krabi and Ko Lanta. Most people are moslim and because it was Ramadan and low season we were the only tourists on the island. When we walked maybe 5 minutes with our backpack there was a lady who sayd we had to jump on the scooter. She brought us to the bungalows. A nice service we thought. But later they wanted to charge this even though we sayd we could walk. We couldn’t find food anywhere during the day, just at our own hotel. Oh, and they also had beer ūüėČ It was the only place on the whole island who offered alcoholic drinks. We stayed two nights, hired a scooter and drove slowly around the whole island in 2 hours. As we want to try as much different things as possible we searched during our ride for sone local food. Sounds easy, but during ramadan on an islamic island in the low season it was a big challence to find any food. Not even the few small local restaurants served anything during the day.  Suddenly we saw a girl in the village who made very nice sugar pancakes. We jumped to her with big eyes and an empty stomache and enjoyed maybe the best food on the whole island. The view from our bungalow was great, Kevin found again a coconut to open with his knife and we saw lots of rubber trees. On this island we were the attraction. There was really nothing to do.

From Ko Sriboya we wanted to go south by boat but there was just one boat, the one that took us there. So we had to go back to were we came from. We walked half an hour to the boat and took again a minivan to Nuea Khlong. And there we decided to go hitchhiking. Very fast a car stopped. A couple from Phuket brought us totally south to the business city Hat Yai!

Chumphon & Ko Phangan


From Bangkok we took a train to Chumphon. Because we took a train without¬†airconditioning third class we just payed 272 bath. Buying at the station is btw cheeper. It was very hot but we could open a window to get some ‘fresh’ air.

When we arrived in  Chumphon it was already 23:00 h on a Sunday night and found two German girls who went to a hotel that was open until 23:30h. And because it seemed to be a small town we decided to book a room at the same place. A basic hotel where we had our first bunk bed. This evening we found out that the whole city can just cell beer between 17:00h and 22:00h so especially Kevin was a little bit sad. We ate very good fried big noodles next door and went to bed.

The next morning we found out that the night boat (actually a car ferry) was the cheapest way to get to Ko Tao. And at the same time we skipped a hotel night. Perfect! We spend the day to discover the city in the rain and went in the evening to the ferry. The beds were small, it was hot and we were laying in between snoring Thai locals but luckily we can sleep anywhere ;).

We arrived early in the morning at Ko Tao. The weather was bad and Janneke her leg was still not totally healed. When we decided to go for a walk she almost had a coconut on her head and decided to give her foot some rest. Kevin liked to test his rain jacket a little more and walked through the storm to find a nice place for breakfast. Unfortunately without succes. Then we walked back to the next pier where we also dropped our backpacks and found out that the boat from 15:00h didn’t go in low season. Just in time for the ferryof 10:30h we quickly bought a banana coconut Nutella pancake and jumped on the boat to Ko Pangang. This island is a little cheaper than Ko Tao and has less rain.

The boat from Ko Tao to Ko Phangan with the cheapest ferry made many people see sick, including Janneke. She never felt sick on a boat before but the pancake was maybe not the best idea.

Ko Phangan is a great island. We planned to stay maybe one week and stayed almost two! Siam Cookies took good care of us. Even though we were the only customers. We had the best bungalow with a great view and could really get our rest. Next to enjoying the weather we also saved a protected tree and took trash from the beach. Kevin found out that he can cut open coconuts with his knife and for his birthday he got to kill his self bought chicken. We saw a lot from the island but mostly we enjoyed Why Nam beach, Yoga lesson at the beach, Vegan coffee, Reggae House on Friday, sleeping at the Sabai bar of our new friends and eating at our favorite restaurant called “For U”. Of course we were at the Full Moon party but actually we think it’s already too commercial. It looked a little bit like Ballerman of Thailand.


  • Also on this island is a water refill machine. For 1 bath you will get 1,5 Liter water.
  • For U. Restaurant has great food for 40 / 50 bath and always free drinking water.
  • The viewpoint in between Haad Rin and the next beach is more beautiful than the viewpoint at the highest point of the Island. Taking a hike saves you 250-300 bath what you normally pay for the boat trip.
  • Buy tickets at the pier to get to Surathani. And from there a local bus. Organized tours are always more expensive.
  • Extra sleep! The night boat from Ko Pangang to Surathani goes at 22:00h but we were there at 20:00h. We were tired and could already get a nice bed and sleep early. Also when we arrived at 5:00h am the taxi drivers trie to get us out of the boat but we slept without problems until 7:00h.


(pictures and videos follow)

Arrival in Bangkok

After the 14 hour flight we arrived at our first destination Bangkok. The best place to start when you travel the world. You can find cheap flights, the city offers you unlimited possibilities and travelling is made easy for every backpacker.


Stepping out of the airport tired, we took a taxi and got¬†tricked directly. The taxi driver turned off his meter and asked for a much more higher price. After a hard negotiation we still had to pay far too much for our ride.¬†Nice lesson for the beginning ūüėČ This will not happen again.

We stepped out of the taxi in a heavy rain and walked through flooded streets where big rats came out of the drane. Unless the rain we were very happy that we could finally test our new rainjacket.

On top of this, Janneke cut herself on day 1 with her razor. The skin was hanging between the knives and it looked like she peeled a potato. When she stood there bleeding like a pig Kevin suddenly jumped away and came back with the camera. He remembered what the cycling legend Heinz St√ľcke told him:

“Leute wollen Bilder von Unf√§llen sehen. Das erinnert sie daran, dass es anderen noch schlechter geht als ihnen selbst.”

DSCF5152     DSCF5149

The first days we spend at Flapping Duck, a relaxed and cheap hostel run by a reggae Thai, not far from Khoa San Road. The perfect place for us to start our travellers life without caring about time, appointments, tomorrow. The time is now.

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How to save money in Bangkok:

  • Take the bus instead of a taxi or tuktuk. The local busses are for free! Bus 53 takes you everywhere and there’s mostly a bus manager who tells you where you ‘should’ step out because they recognize you’re not a local.
  • Buy train tickets on the train station. We bought a ticket 3nd class for 270 bath to Chumphon, if you buy this online the prices could be higher.
  • Refill your water bottle in the refill machines at the side of the streets for 1 Bath instead of buying new bottles. This safes not just money, it’s also good for the environment.
  • Just walk into hotels with a rooftop swimmingpool to enjoy refreshing dive instead of staying there over night.


Most impressive:

The¬†refuse collectors were not just picking up the trash and threw it into the garbage car. They separated the trash right on the street before throwing it in the car … and where still smiling ūüôā


And of course the bottle flip! Also in Bangkok ūüėČ