It’s time to say goodbye

After month’s of organizing and preparation it’s now time to say goodbye to our friends and family. Our feelings are jumping around: happy, sad, emotional, stress, crazy and unreal. We don’t know what is waiting for us. We just know what we say goodbye to…


  1. Dear Kevin and Janneke,
    It’a time to go. Three month of thinking, organizing,, get the injections, and doing all kinds of things.
    But now…… Go! Fly out and enjoy the journey together. I’m must thinking that you will go for a short holiday. Oké? That’s easyer. Haha…..
    Take care that you have room in your bag for our 2 birthdaypresents, Sinterklaas presents, go away presents. Dropjes, pindakaas, hagelslag, kaiserbrotchen…..and some more things.
    Love from mam J.

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